Born in 1984 as Ben Halkum, Ben Hall grew up in Texas with his grandparents. Constantly moving around, Ben spent his time discovering new technology as the computer and internet age was starting to boom.

As a teenager and a lifelong pro wrestling fan, Ben discovered text based roleplaying news list and websites centered around fantasy wrestling. Leaping into the fantasy wrestling world, Ben would soon begin teaching himself how to build websites for his own fantasy wrestling sites, eventually moving into more advance items such as coding, SQL database manipulation, and even 3D art rendering to bring characters to life.

He would go on to expand on this knowledge through the years adding to and building unique code to help effectively run not only fantasy wrestling sites, but other types of websites. 

At 17, Ben got his first taste of the real professional wrestling world when he partnered with a local wrestling promoter to be the in-character face behind a new (and short-lived) central Texas wrestling promotion. It was at this time he would begin training as a professional wrestler and eventually step into managing for a short period before placing wrestling on the backburner to pursue a career.

While never one for traditional schooling, Ben would continue to study in the field of code, graphic design, and website creation. His natural technical prowess would allow him to advance in the technology field in a support manner. But soon, he would find himself with an opportunity to become a director-level manager at a small fuel management company. This would lead directly to the transitional experience needed along with the aid of his technological background, to transition into the world of development Project Management.

Starting out as an entry level Business Analyst, Ben would then be mentored by peers who had been successful prior at companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and other well-known companies. Within three months of joining a Kirkland, Washington based firm as a BA, Ben was promoted to Project Manager and given the opportunity to lead many new innovations over the years for companies such as Microsoft, Disney, Princess Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Toyota.

While continuing to expand upon his knowledge, completing classes and earning certifications and additional toolsets to help him, Ben moved into senior level Program Management.

In 2018, Ben relocated to Las Vegas where he would reignite his passion with professional wrestling after discovering Future Stars of Wrestling.

It was during the global pandemic years that Ben found himself for the first time, without a job. He used this time to put his knowledge and skills to work and began releasing mobile applications for both Android and iOS centered around local professional wrestling promotions. Ben also worked closely with Future Stars of Wrestling to create and code their own streaming network, which would become the FSW Network.

During the pandemic years, Ben would also start his own production company and help bring video production services at a reasonable cost to local wrestlers and promoters, eventually also working within the private sector as a consultant on training videos and editing.

During this time, he also director, produced, and edited three full length web series and a lot of additional new content.

Post pandemic, ben continues to advance his education and career, now serving in a director-level role managing a Project Management Office.

When not working his 9-5, Ben continues to work behind the scenes at various wrestling companies in a Project Management type role expanding application and production outputs, including continuing to grow streaming wrestling networks to include an identify on Roku, FireTV, and Android/Google TV with applications that he has built.

In 2022, Ben made his entry into the film side of entertainment. He works closely with filmmakers to oversee production and editing of both television/streaming series and movies.

Ben is previously married, with children, and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with his bearded dragon, Ferguson.